Thursday 9 January 2014

Intro to Silver session at the Crib

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, the Undercurrents gang got back together to begin a new set of workshops and to start work on SILVER ARTS AWARD!!

Jess, who has already done her Silver and is now doing GOLD came along and told everyone a bit about her experience.  Plus we watched the new Arts Award film and generally talked through what Silver is all about.

Then we made origami fortune tellers or "chatterboxes".  Everyone wrote inside 4 creative skills they already have and 4 creative challenges or things they would like to learn.

Unfortunately I forgot to take any photos on the day - whoops! But I went back to the Crib and got the chatterboxes out and got Cassie to model them for me so here they are:

At our next Crib workshop on Saturday 18th Jan we'll use these to help everyone decide their own personal Silver Arts Challenge!


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