Tuesday 13 May 2014

10.4.14 - Crib editing session

We were a little low in number on Saturday, only Mhairi, Shona and Molly, but enough of us to have a productive session and start working on our Super 8 film edits.
The girls have all been studying hard for their exams so I couldn't help feeling really chuffed that they still make the time to come and take part in the sessions in the middle of such a stressful time.
Film editing isn't everybody's cup of tea (I happen to really like it) so I know that diving into such a focussed and digital process was only going to keep everyone's attention for so long. However the girls got stuck in though, as usual and did their best. They got to grips with the software really quickly and enjoyed working with their footage.
Molly is going to start putting the words from her monologue over the top of her footage and Shona and Mhairi will probably add some still images and sounds.
Sorry no photos this week...I managed to remember my camera but forget the battery! Doh!

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