Monday 3 November 2014


On Friday we celebrated the culmination of the Undercurrents project in style at the newly refurbished Burnley Mechanics.  Arts Award certificates were awarded, we had a bit of time for evaluating the project and spent a bit of time talking about what the group might do next in terms of moving on to Gold Arts Award.

And then.... we took the Chocolate Challenge!  This is a new venture at Burnley Mechanics where basically you need to eat as much chocolate cake and chocolate ice cream as you can in 30 minutes!  Our challenges had been specially put together with sparkly blue fabric to resemble a beautifully tempting waterfall of chocolate - yum!  

As only Danielle and Shannon could make it to the celebration, Georgia and Mary gamely agreed to also take up the challenge with the girls.  (Ok, and I (Rachel) helped out a little bit too!)  We got stuck in and much cake-eating later our 30 minute timers ran out.  None of us actually completed the full challenge but Shannon was definitely the front runner!  See the pics below to see just how much chocolate the girls were faced with!  Everyone went home with doggy bags with enough chocolate to see them through the rest of the week! 

We're sad to see the Undercurrents project coming to an end as it has been such amazing fun.  Its been a new and different way for all of us to get to know more about Burnley and to appreciate the natural elements more.  We are aiming to build on this project with a new project taking inspiration from the natural environment in Thompson's Park.  We'll be working with Burnley College on a new Arts Award project with their fashion and photography students next year, subject to funding.  

Watch this space!

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