Thursday 1 August 2013

Session 1 - 31.7.13

Yesterday's session was so great! 
6 young people turned up, Shona-Mae, Shannon, Danielle, Molly, Emily and Alexandra. Rachel and I arrived at the Crib to the welcome sight of a huge table scattered with loads of colourful and intriguing art books courtesy of Cassie!
The first task I set the girls was to head outside armed with cameras and collect the letters of their name from the environment. It was a really enjoyable task and we could have all kept going for hours as it gets more and more addictive trying to hunt down hidden letters.
We spent some time looking through all the wonderful art books, talking about our favourite artists and writing down ideas. Next session we're going to go outside again and try some filming around town in preparation for our river walk next week.
Good stuff!

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