Wednesday 7 August 2013

Session 3 - Calder River Walk

Today was an exciting day, well for me it was anyway! I felt like a little kid, donning huge wellies, a high-vis vest and the brightest blue hard-hat you've ever seen! Granted, it wasn't my best look and the florescent yellow vest really clashed with my blue T Shirt but luckily I was not in this major fashion faux-pas alone.
Five young people braved the imagined horrors of rats, shopping trolleys, being pelted by random missiles and being seen by their friends wearing gators to take part in a walk along  the Calder river bed in Townley Park. 

Our intrepid expedition leaders were Vic from the Ribble Rivers Trust and Sam, a brilliant photographer from 'Shoot The Living' photographic agency.

We clambered down into the river and found ourselves in another world. Dappled light, fresh green flora and fauna, bees, butterflies, frogs, dragonflies, swifts. It was really quite magical and felt very separate from the rest of the world.

We walked carefully and clumsily along the river, the water quickly filling our boots (which was actually quite nice) and collected photos and films of all the fascinating things we encountered. Despite the wet feet it was such an enjoyable and inspiring experience and the walk ended altogether too quickly.

Even though we were walking right into and underneath the town centre, it felt strangely calm and peaceful and we were constantly surrounded by wild nature. Even in the most industrial parts of the walk, Nature had reclaimed the area for herself and we felt a million miles from anything.

It was great spending time with the group in this way, it was so much better to share it with others.

Can't wait for the second walk next week.

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