Tuesday 1 October 2013

Saturday session 2 - A river walk

Another beautiful day where we were blessed with dry weather and high spirits!
Project manager Rachel, artist Talya and I led a walk with our new recruits along the River Brun and through into Thompson Park.
We took photos and collected plant specimens so we could draw them later.
We also used Nature Print Paper to capture some lovely ghostly silhouettes. We also met a couple of very excitable dogs who made off with Molly's jelly babies which was hilarious.
As we walked, we talked through ideas of what we could do with our plant drawing. The girls came up with the idea of making little woodland characters out of their plants..

After the walk and a much needed lunch break, we were joined by Danielle and Shannon.
Talya got us all doing some detailed drawings of the plants we had collected and adding a sprinkle of magic to bring them to life...

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