Sunday 20 October 2013

Saturday session 5 - Posters

We had a great activity packed busy session today. Talya led a poster design activity and the girls worked in two separate groups to each create a huge Undercurrents poster covered in their fantastic nature inspired characters and hand-drawn lettering. Talya showed us various mark marking techniques using ink and oil pastels and it was brilliant experimenting and making a creative mess!

We also printed out lots of images for the Arts Award portfolios and the group spent some time making their portfolios look amazing.

It's amazing how much work we've produced over the last few weeks. We have one more session left with helen next week before we start puzzling out how to display all the group's work ready for the exhibition on the 30th.
Exciting stuff.

I also took some pictures of the girls and printed them on acetate so we could layer them over the top of some of their drawings but you'll have to wait for the exhibition to see these...

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